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The beauty of details
The Hornavan brand combines minimalist Scandinavian design with Japanese mechanisms. Designers inspired by the incredible beauty of the Swedish lake Hornavan, created beautiful and timeless designs for women who appreciate elegance and high aesthetics.
Embrace your wrist with an extraordinary watch, specially designed for you.
Hornavan watches are a great complement to the wardrobe of an elegant, modern and self-confident woman. They fit both the red carpet and casual wear. They are a response to the current trends in Scandinavian textile, jewelery and even architectural design.
We sailed to Arjeplog from Jakkvi in the early morning. The hull of the boat split apart the fog that covered almost all of Hornavan Lake. The rush of air seemed to create a melody for the breathtaking view. For several minutes of our water journey, the Common Kestrel watched. It hovered in the air in such a way that one could indulge in the illusion that time was slowing down. At one point, the sky was crossed by a yellow and red seaplane. The blast created during the landing on the surface of the water made our boat less than three meters long. This heavy machine created a harmonious whole with red houses by the shore, the color of the water and the mountainous landscape. We’re riding the peaceful waves